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Built in 1932, Shanghai Pudong Hospital, Fudan Affiliated Pudong Medical Center is located in Pudong Shanghai, close to Pudong International Airport, Yangshan Deep Water Port and Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Zone. It's the largest general medical center in southern Pudong which integrates health care, education, science research, prevention, and rehabilitation functions. And it's a candidate tertiary hospital under the district development plan.

The main campus of Shanghai Pudong Hospital has 25 acres land, a total space of 1 million square feet, and maintains 1,000 inpatient beds. The hospital runs 32 clinical and medical technology departments whose has more than 1.65 million outpatient and ER visits, 36.8 thousand inpatient stays and 16.8 thousand surgical procedures annually. The hospital maintains advanced medical equipments like 1.5T Dual-gradient NMR, 64-MDCT, DSA and etc.

There are 1380 staffs in our hospital among which 143 have a senior title, 22 are PH.D, and 133 are masters. 3 of them are PH.D supervisors, 10 of them graduate supervisors, 1 Shanghai Leading Talent, 1 Eastern Scholar, 3 Pujiang Talents, 2 Pudong Discipline Leaders and 8 Pudong Medical Leaders.  Shanghai Pudong Hospital is affiliated to Fudan University and takes the responsibility to educate graduate and undergraduate students. At the same time, it's also the teaching school of Nanjing Medical School and Hebei Medical School, the practical base of Shanghai clinical graduate students, the medical base of Shanghai residence training and the model of national TCM department of general hospitals.

In Shanghai Pudong Hospital, there is 1 Shanghai Key Medical Specialty (Cardiovascular Surgery), 5 Key Disciplines of Fudan University "985" Project (Orthopaedics, GI, Nephrology, Neurology, Thoracic Surgery), 2 Key Discipline Teams ( Diabetes & Obesity Surgery,Trauma), 4 Key Disciplines (Nephrology,GI,Urology Surgery, Gynecology), and 3 Key Specialties (Thoracic Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology) of Pudong New District.

The hospital is the only collaborated base of Duke University in China. It attracts international talents and trains some youth leading specialists. Shanghai Pudong Hospital is also collaborating with Stanford University, UCSF, Cleveland Medical Center, and Taiwan Chang Gung Hospital to promote our strength and brand.

We've kept up with the time and devote ourselves to pursue outstanding healthcare. During "the 14th Five-year" (2021 to 2025), Shanghai Pudong Hospital will develop faster and better with the base of promoting high-level medical technology, the goal of offering high service quality, the path of building a teaching clinical team, the persuit of establishing an international healthcare center.

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